Get on the Food Day map

Let’s the Bay Area on the Food Day map.


A Food Day event could be as small as a parent organizing a vegetable identification contest at a kindergarten class—or as massive as a rally in a city park, with entertainment and healthy food.  Health departments, city councils, and other policymakers could use Food Day to launch campaigns, hold hearings, or otherwise address communities’ food problems.

We encourage all individuals and organizations to list their names as participants on the interactive map at to help build local momentum around Food Day—this October 24th!


Whether your event is public or private, putting it on the map records what you’re doing as part of the first annual Food Day, and inspires others looking for ideas for their Food Day involvement.


More action ideas:

  • host a meal supporting local, sustainable producers
  • offer tours of your farm or organization
  • sponsor conversations with farmers, politicians, or chefs
  • hold a fundraising event for a local non-profit
  • host a party celebrating healthy food
  • host a film screening or dinner lecture series on food issues
  • volunteer for outreach or organizational responsibilities to help strengthen WA participation on Food Day.

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